K. D - mandala theatre /1983 -2004/


The Mandala Theatre begin's it's work in 1983. At its' conception the theatre was formed of graduates from Cracow's artistic schools alongside a group of international actors working under the guidance of Katarzyna Deszcz and Andrzej Sadowski. 

In 1987 the members of the group brought into existence their own centre for theatrical study, a place serving for the presentation of new directions within theater with the participation of both Polish and foreign artists.

Over 10 years a series of creative experiments were carried out, the inspiration for which came from oriental theatrical techniques as well as contemporary trends within theatre and dance.

Following this period of experimentation and creative searching, known as the "Mandalian Period" (1982-1992), the group decided to disband the Mandala Theatre and reform as the Mandala Associattion. 

In the 1993 the entire organisational and administrative structure of the group succumbed to change. The group decided against maintaining a fixed line up of artists and a permanent location in favour of collaborative projects with many artists performed across multiple venues. Collaborative work was carried out by the artists split into sub-groups:  (Deszcz/Sadowski & Mandala Kompany, Mala Performance Group, Sadek).

In 1995 the Mandala Associattion entered into permanent collaborative agreements with a number of London based theatre companies, notably the Scarlet Theatre.

Mandala Theatre/Associattion presented its' works on hundreds of stages across 35 different countries.

The Mandala Associattion eventually disbanded permanently in March 2003 having existed for 21 years, three times the average lifespan of a dog.

In the years 2003-2018 the work was carry on by a&a&a - (see a&a&a).


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