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Scarlet Theatre
Love & Other Fairy Tales

by Chaucer

Direcing: Katarzyna Deszcz

Scenography: Andrzej Sadowski /Sigyn Stenqvist

Script: Nick Revell

Music: Nigel Piper

Lighting designer: Mark Dymock


Andrew Bridgmont, Colin Michael Carmichael, Angela Clerkin, Jane Guernier, Cindy Oswin, Carmelle McAree

Premiere: Octoer' 2001, Riverside Studios, London, UK

“The show is one of those rare near-perfect marriages of smart script, deft direction, immaculate performances and neatly handsome design. Beautifully paced…it shifts with pointed clarity and ease between several tales all kept on a gentle boil. …. The performances are nothing short of wonderful while the show’s message has uncommon resonance. ”
The Times

“..A magical piece, a playful, witty take on the Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale that brings out all of Chaucer's modernity and bawdy humour. The play is perfect for Scarlet Theatre: intelligent, physically demanding, and deliciously romantic.”
The Guardian

“…Fabulous fairy tale…The performances all round, are quietly exquisite and the production smart and simple. The result is a wholly accessible, hugely amusing piece of theatre that breathes dissident life into a school set text.. ”
The Independent

“ ...colourful, comical, richly rhythmic …..a theatrical pace woven together more tightly than a nun’s wimple. An inventively enlightening trip to Canterbury.. ”
The Evening Standard

“An elegant examination of Geoffrey Chaucer and his Canterbury Pilgrims among them, a mincing, lascivious nun, a completely up-himself Squire and a rational, raunchy Wife of Bath”
The Observer

“Lingering brightly in the mind, Love and Other Fairy Tales is an adorable excerpt from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales great theatrical charm. Characterisations bloom suddenly out of nowhere and the vivid narrative always co-exists with the act of telling while travelling”
The Financial Times

“A delightful Chaucerian romp capturing all the spirit and comic energy of the original, while infusing it with a modern sensibility and staging it with spirited invention... …so thoroughly enjoyable is the journey”
The Stage

“The cast, all of whom show a good ear for the witty nuances of the script…. performed well, with Andrew Bridgmont and Cindy Oswin particularly strong ... ”
The List

“A hilarious surreal comedy that will entertain and stimulate you ……wonderful performances. Probably one of the wittiest shows you will see this summer. Rating - Excellent”

“A vibrant and hypnotic introduction to Chaucer's Canterbury Tales...the great achievement of the production was how multiple narratives were elegantly interwoven...exciting, intensively physical, visual, hypnotic and engaging.”
Jersey Evening Post

“Multi-layered [play] enjoyable at different levels...witty and physically demanding, the result is [delightful]...”
Plymouth Evening Herald