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Scarlet Theatre

Antoni Czechow

The Sisters and Others

Directing: Katarzyna Deszcz

Scenography, text composition, translations: Andrzej Sadowski

Music: Nigel Piper

Lighting designer: Mark Dymock


Gráinne Byrne, Candice Fisher, Farrell Flemming, Jane Guernier, Carmelle McAree, Andrew Bridgmont, Geraint Cardy, Edward Halsted, David Hollet.

Premiere: 10'2000 / The Plymouth Royal Theatre, UK

“…Extraordinary intelligence and compassion permeate Katarzyna Deszcz's production… A tour de force that brings Checkov in from the cold”

“Chekhov's desire to create "realistic" theatre is gleefully subverted by the Scarlet Theatre Company, with its sharply stylised dissection of The Three Sisters”
The Evening Standard

“Scarlet Theatre's twin deconstructions of Chekhov combine an ironically bemused distance with flashes of intense sensitivity to the original. ”
The Stage

This is a stunning piece of theatre. Its not odd, its original, interesting, and the acting is superb. This is a most for everyone, especially those who think the do not like a Chekhov.

Plymouth Evening Herald