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Stadttheater Furth

Andrzej Sadowski

Set design: Andrzej Sadowski
Music: Krzysztof Suchodolski

Susana Curtis, Jutta Czurda, Stephanie Hecht, Beate Hohn, Zbigniew Kozłowski, Marek Lelek, Jacek Milczanowski, Andrzej Sadowski

Premiere: May '95, Stadttheater Furth, Nuremberg, Germany


Katarzyna Deszcz is searching for a kind of enigmatic magic which will permeate the production... She does not want to "demonstrate" or "explain" anything. She wants to make us "feel", and this achieves... ABENDZEITUNG, NUREMBERG

The simplicity of the set design complements the economy of the scenario. Volker Diettmar, NUREMBERGER NACHRICHTEN

The piece, which was created bilingually, is acted with the disturbing intensity of Babel... It is the unaffected, sober, presentation which fascinates the audience. Michael Becker, ABENDZEITUNG NUREMBERG