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Scarlet Theatre - The Royal Festival Hall

Princess Sharon
based on the play Ivonne, Princess of Burgundy by W. Gombrowicz

Text composition, scenography: Andrzej Sadowski
Music: Nigel Piper
Light’s director: Mark Dymock

Myriam Acharki, Grainne Byrne, Amanda Hadingue, Jonathan Lermit, Sue Maund, Eric Mac Lennan, Carmelle McAree, Alan Riley, Darren Tunstall

Premiere: The Royal Festival Hall, London'97, UK


“This is a spell-binding play, superbly performed...astoundingly original…the whole ensemble (nine actors in all) is perfect...This is a production I would enthusiastically recommend both to a child of 10 and the most sophisticated theatre goer. Amid all the smut and ego of the Edinburgh Fringe, this hardened critic hung on it like a wide-eyed innocent” THE FINANCIAL TIMES

“this interpretation of Gombrowicz’s Princess Ivona is an all-out triumph. At last, a work to become truly passionate about. FIVE STARS” The Scotsman

“Scarlet Theatre’s exquisite Princess Sharon" CRITICS CHOICE The Observer

...director Katarzyna Deszcz's compacted text and movement is dazzling on the eye... TIME OUT

Stark and incisive with an Eastern European flavour of absurdity. THE HERALD

Performed with winning charm nad healthy irreverence. THE INDEPENDENT

Peppered with wit and staged with economical beauty and invention. THE GUARDIAN

This is a stunning piece of theatre. Its not odd, its original, interesting, and the acting is superb. This is a most for everyone, especially those who think the do not like a Chekhov. WOKINGHAM TIMES