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Scarlet Theatre /The Young Vic Studio Anton Chekhov
The Sisters

Scenography, text composition: Andrzej Sadowski
Music: Nigel Piper
Light’s director: Mark Dymock

Grainne Byrne, Emma Bernard, Helen Anderson, Jan Pearson, Linda Kerr Scott

Premiere: The Young Vic , Londyn'95


“If the rest of the studio's season of experimental theatre is that good, the Young Vic is on to a winner”. THE TIMES

“The acting of all five is superlative…go and see Scarlet Theatre Company’s The Sisters…it is seriously beautiful”. WHAT’S ON

“Excellent ensemble cast...(it) exudes a mesmerising tension with superb, often comic observation PICK OF THE FRINGE”.Time Out

“Visually striking…a mesmerising atmospheric piece”. THE FINANCIAL TIMES

“Chekhov recommended that any artist should ‘stubbornly and fanatically’ make good of both interpretation and instinct. This Company is the very embodiment of his advice”. THE STAGE

...striking images and some arresting technique...Nigel Piper's eeire music is superlative...Linda Kerr Scott (Anfisa) is irresistably watchable. THE EVENING STANDARD

The cheekiest bit of Chekhov you'll see... from the ever inventive Scarlet Theatre. THE GUARDIAN

A perfect gem of production, stylised, innovative and formidably well performed. THE STAGE

Stark and incisive with an Eastern European flavour of absurdity. THE HERALD

Performed with winning charm nad healthy irreverence. THE INDEPENDENT

Peppered with wit and staged with economical beauty and invention. THE GUARDIAN

They have the unique ability to conjure a laugh out of the most trite remark through sheer skill of emphasis and timing. THE STAGE

The assembled cast breath life and vitality into the performance, which coupled with the striking set makes for cruelly compelling and mesmerising piece.TRIPLE F

This is a stunning piece of theatre. Its not odd, its original, interesting, and the acting is superb. This is a most for everyone, especially those who think the do not like a Chekhov. WOKINGHAM TIMES