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  scenography In the beginning and the end of time - Ludowy Theatre (PL)
  scenography Nema - The New Theatre - Zabrze (PL)
  scenography Job Interviews - Tesinske Divadlo /Polish Stage (CZ)
  directing, scenography, text I am - State Theatre, Radom (PL)
2018 directing, scenography, text Leon & Mathilda - State Drama Theatre, Białystok (PL)
  scenography Last Tram - New Theatre, Łódź (PL)
  directing, leading Seagull/Reneval - Vác Dunakanyar Theatre (HU)
  directing, scenography, text The Neighbours - Ludowy Theatre, Krakow (PL)
  text, directing, scenography Around the world in 8 days - State Drama Theatre, Radom
  scenography + Balladyna - State Drama Theatre, Białystok (PL)
2017 scenography + The Truth - City Theatre, Gdynia (PL)
  directing, scenography, text The Neighbours - State Drama Theatre Białystok (PL)
  directing, scenography Gargantua & Pantagruel - Tesinske Divadlo (CZ)
  scenography Romeo & Juliet - State Drama Theatre, Białystok
2016 text, directing Leon & Mathilde - KTO Theatre, Krakow (PL)
  directing, scenography By Kochanovski - State Theatre, Radom (PL)
  scenography 5 kilograms of sugar - State Drama Theatre, Bialystok (PL)
  text, directing The Neighbours - Barakah Theatre, Krakow (PL)
2015 scenography The Glass Menagerie - State Theatre, Radom (PL)
  scenography Bizon (American Buffalo) - Bagatela Theatre, Krakow (PL)
  scenography 4 of Them - Tesinske Divadlo (CZ)
2014 scenography Taming of the Shrew - Zeromski Theatre, Kielce
  directing, scenography 2 Loves - Rozrywki Theatre, Chorzów (PL)
  scenography Mothers - The New Theatre, Zabrze (PL)
  directing, scenography, text Mayakovsky//Reactivation - State Theatre, Radom (PL)
2013 scenography Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Zeromski State Theatre, Kielce (PL)
  directing, scenography You’ve Got Hate Mail - New Theatre, Zabrze (PL)
  directing Fly with Cristine - Och Theatre, Warsaw (PL)
  directing, scenography The Chioggia Scuffles - Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ)
  text, directing Liar - a&a&a , Krakow (PL)
  scenography My Abba - Silesian Theatre, Katowice (PL)
2012 directing, scenography Pippi - Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ)


|- recently I am working on the project based on Plaut...






2011 scenography - August: Osage County - New Theatre, Zabrze (PL) / scenography, directing - Beauty of the Day - Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ) / scenography, directing - The Street's Ballad - State Theatre, Radom (PL) / scenography - A Behanding in Spokane - State Theatre, Radom / scenography, directing - Oleanna - Ludowy Theatre, Kraków (PL) / scenography - Portia Coughlan - Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ) / scenography, directing - Valentine's Day - State Academic Theatre, Pskov (RU) 2010 scenoghraphy - Silence - Zeromski State Theatre, Kielce (PL) / scenography, directing - A Simple Story - Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ) / scenography, text, directing - ViViV - a&a&a, Kraków (PL) / scenography, directing - School for Wives - Craotian National Theatre, Split (CR) 2009 scenography - Romeo & Juliet - State Theatre, Radom, (PL) / scenography, directing - The Box - Ludowy Theatre, Kraków (PL) / scenography - The Merry Wives of Windsor - Zagłębia Theatre, Sosnowiec (PL) / scenography - Woyzeck - City Theatre, Gdynia (PL) / scenography, directing - Stone on the Stone - State Theatre, Radom (PL) / scenography - Cripple from Inishmaan- Tesinske Divadlo, C. Tesin (CZ) / 2008 scenography, directing - The Lietunant from Inishmore by M. McDonagh - New Theatre, Zabrze / scenography - The Balladine by Slovacki - Zagłębia Theatre, Sosnowiec / scenography - The Visit of the Old Lady by F. Durrenmatt - State Theatre, Radom / scenography, text composition - Amfitruon by Plautus - Gradsko Kazaliste, Sisak/Zagreb, Croatia / scenography, directing - The Valentine's Day by Wyrypayev - State Theatre, Radom / directing - Forget Zis by B. Davis - Wrap Theatre Centre, Bergen, Norway / directing - The Visit of the Old Lady by F. Durrenmatt - Russian Drama Theatre, Yakutsk, Russia 2007 scenography - Scull from Connemara by M. McDonagh - Silesian Theatre, Katowice (directed by K. Deszcz) / scenography - Boston Marriage by D. Mamet (directed by K. Deszcz) - Polish Theatre, Bielsko - Biała / directing, text composition, scenography - Gargantual Stories by F. Rabelais - Gradsko Kazaliste, Sisak (Croatia) / directing, scenography - Invited guest by D. Pharao - Solski Theatre, Tarnow / scenography - The Fir Tree by Ch. Andersen, (directed by K. Deszcz) - Theatre Zagłębia, Sosnowiec / directing, scenography - L'Avare by Moliere - Tesinske Divadlo, Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic / directing, scenography - Family situations by B. Srbljanović - State Theatrej, Rzeszów 2006 text - Związki rzeczowe - Polish Dance Theatre, Poznań (directed by Iwona Olszowska) / scenography - Dancing at Lughnasa by B. Friel - Theatre Zagłębia, Sosnowiec (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / directing, music - Misterio Buffo by D. Fo - Solski Theatre, Tarnów / directing - Dożywocie by   A. Fredro - Theatre im. Norwida, Jelenia Góra 2005 text, scenography, directing - Odyssey 2 based on Homer - Mickiewicz Theatre, Częstochowa / scenography - Another Pleasure by J. Pilch -Tesinske Divadlo, C. Cieszyn (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - Gargantual stories by F. Rabelais - Mickiewicz Theatre, Częstochowa (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz / text, scenography, directing - B&B - a&a&a, Kraków 2004 composition of the text, scenography, directing - The Sisters based on Chekhov - Theatre X (Cai),Tokio, Japan / directing - international theatre project: Outsider - European Culture Foundation/Willa Decjusza, Kraków / scenography - The Chair Women  by W. Schwab - Scarlet Theatre/Riverside Studios, London (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text, scenography, directing - Poles in the Gate - Solski Theatre, Tarnów / text, scenography, directing - The Box - Mickiewicz Theatre, Częstochowa / composition of the text, scenography - Ivonne, Pricess of Burgundy by Gombrowicz - Mickiewicz Theatre, Częstochowa (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text, scenography, directing - Mr D. Moon - a&a&a, Kraków 2003 scenography - The Memory of Water by S. Stephenson - Tesinske divadlo, Cesky Tesin (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - 12 Nights by Shakespeare - Ludowy Theatre, Kraków (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text, scenography, directing- Zero - a&a&a, Kraków 2002 scenography - The Play with Devil by J. Drda - Kochanowski Theatre, Opole (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - With no Weapons by Kossak- Szczucka - Gaude Mater Festival, Częstochowa (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - Tuarandot by C. Gozzi - Ludowy Theatre, Kraków (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text composition, scenography, directing - The School for Wives by Moliere - Polish Theatre, Szczecin 2001 scenography - Love and Other Fairytales   by N. Revell - Riverside Studios / Scarlet Theatre, London (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / directing - Cepervejo based on Mayakovski - Teatro Helena Sa e Costa, Porto, Portugal / text composition, directing, scenography - The Devil compare to another Devil based on proze of I.B. Singer - Mandala/Slovacki Theatre, Kraków / scenography - The Lonesome West by M. Mc Donagh - Slovacki Theatre, Kraków (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text composition, scenography- The Sisters & Others based on Chekhov - Scarlet Theatre/Young Vic Studio, London (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - The Spirits of Wedding Witnesses by St. Wyspiański - Slovacki Theatre + TVP 2, Kraków / text, scenography, directing- In Beetween- Mandala, Kraków 2000 an artistic cooperation - Grun oder Geliebter Feind - Mandala/Weiss Kunstwebegung, Berlin / scenography - Chicago by F. Ebb/J. Kander - Music Theatre, Gliwice (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography, directing- The Waiting Room (Bekleme Odasi) - part II, by U. Kivanc - Tiyatro TI, Istanbul, Turkey 1999 text, scenography, directing - The Inner Damazov's world - Drama Dpt. University of Winnipeg, Canada / text, scenography, directing - Three Small Pigs - State Theatre, Radom / text, scenography - Seagulls - Scarlet Theatre/Battersea Arts Centre, London directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) 1998 text composition, scenography, directing - The Fables of the Bear by. A. Milne - State Theatre, Radom / scenography, directing- The Waiting Room (Bekleme Odasi) - part I, by U. Kivanc - Tiyatro TI, Istanbul, Turkey / text composition, scenography - It's Happened one Day in Voznitsovka by A. Chekhov - State Theatre, Radom (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / scenography - The Toilet by E. Lachnit - Jaracza Theatre, Olsztyn (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / directing - Letters from the heart of a dead man by A. Rimbaud - ARTSLAB, Dublin, Ireland / text, scenography, directing - Damazov World - Mandala, Kraków 1997 text, directing - Maudlin story 2 - BIT, Bergen International Theatre, Norway / text composition, scenography, directing - Platonov by A. Czekhov - National Theatre, Porto, Portugal / text composition, scenography - Trans-Atlantic by W. Gombrowicz - State Theatre, Radom/Mandala (directed by: Katarzyna Deszcz) / directing - "Sadek/Sadek"  by H. Muller, Yellow Springs Institute, Philadelfia, USA / text composition, scenography - Princess Sharon by W. Gombrowicz - Scarlet Theatre/Royal Festival Hall, London (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) / text composition, scenography, directing - The Cherry Orchard by A. Czekhov - Mandala, Kraków (open air production) / scenography, directing - The Gamblers by M. Ghogol - Mandala, Kraków / text, directing - A Moudlin story - Mandala, Kraków / scenography - A Dead Fish by P. Gems - Polish Theatre, Bydgoszcz (directed by Katarzyna Deszcz) 1996 scenography, directing - Letters to Ivone by W. Gombrowicz - Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England / scenography, directing - Schulz Project 3 by B. Schulz - Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland



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