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Scarlet Theatre

Andrzej Sadowski



Scenografia: Andrzej Sadowski

Muzyka: Nigel Piper

Reżyseria światła: Mark Dymock



Gráinne Byrne, Farrell Fleming, Burn Gorman, James Greaves, Maeve Larkin, Jonathan Lermit, Terence Mann, Sue Maund, Carmelle McAree


Premiera: czerwiec '99, The Royal School of Art, Glasgow


“This is a high quality piece of theatre which manages to be as witty as it is enlightening”
The Times

“The daring and pleasure of Seagulls lies in the way it views Meyerhold in rehearsal through an expressionistic filter, breaking off occassionally to remind the audience of its present day perspective.”
The Independent

“Scarlet Theatre's Seagulls is a rich layering of metaphor upon metaphor which explores the issues of power and structure, culture and identity, security and intimidation, art and artifice.”
The Scotsman
























Plymouth Evening Herald