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Director, stage designer, playwright, performer-




Andrzej is a performer, director, designer & writer. After graduating from the Theatre Academy in Krakow in 1982 he founded (together with K. Deszcz) Mandala Theatre - a company which has performed extensively in 35 countries in Europe, Asia, America & Africa.
Rooted in the so-called alternative movement, Mandala concentrates on the development of the actor's craft within a visually-inspired aesthetic.
Since 1992 Andrzej has been working in two main areas: “typical stage” (co-production of Mandala & repertory theatres & theatre centres in Poland and abroad) and the: “untypical stage” (solo performances art, installations and site-specific projects).
Besides of his main theatre work - Andrzej Sadowski has given workshops in Poland & Europe: - more than 100 workshops /including The International Workshop Festival/.
A. Sadowski has also worked as a visiting tutor in European colleges including: Dartington College of Arts (Devon, UK) & since 1997, in Escola Superior da Musica & Artes Espectaculo (Porto, Portugal) - where he has realized many acting projects, and has supervised term works about acting and usage of multimedia in performance.
Since 1997 he started to co-operate with repertory theatres in Poland, mainly as a director & designer.
From his debut in the repertory theatres in Poland, Andrzej directed as well in Croatia, Japan, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Norway, Portugal, Hungary, Canada and Russia.
Recently Andrzej Sadowski is also co-operating with dancers and musicians involved in the projects of his new artistic formations (a&a&a and herrkopf).
A. Sadowski has won many awards for his theatre productions (Golden Masks, The Ministry of Culture Prizes, etc).

Photo: Karin Dziatkova